timberCore™ wood planks contribute to a greener, healthier personal environment for our customers. They are the first brand of wood flooring to use premium pressed poplar wood instead of MDF or HDF, which uses powder and glue. Manufactured using natural, sustainable raw materials, they have 75% less formaldehyde than other brands, and deliver the same natural warmth and slight bounce of real wood.

up close and personal

timberCore™ wood planks feature numerous innovative components, carefully designed and developed to enhance personal living, promote foot-friendliness, easy care, and installation, removal and reinstallation.

Forever is just another milestone

We are proud that timberCore™ shock-absorbent wood floors are UL-rated AC5, a designation usually reserved for the highest-traffic commercial spaces. Plus, glueless installation and less wood flooring in landfills contribute to our goals of environmental responsibility.

Durability measured in generations

timberCore™ wood planks never suffer water damage, such as warping, bubbling, chipping, distortion, expansion or contraction. Our wood floors are 10x more durable than other brands, therefore our measure of durability is in generations rather than decades.