Our commitment

Exclusive to Lucida® wood flooring, our solidGround™ stamp of excellence guarantees we meet the following criteria: generations of durability, rigidity and flawless stability, with quick and easy do-it-yourself installation.

Found exclusively on Lucida® wood flooring, a solidGround™ stamp of excellence attests that surfaces meet our exacting criteria for:

  1. Generations of durability
  2. Zero movement from the original installation site
  3. Do-it-yourself easy care, maintenance and installation

Aluminum Oxide Wear-Resistant Top Seal

timberCore™ wood floor planks are UL-rated AC5. This premium quality is typically reserved for the highest traffic commercial spaces. Designed for ultimate durability, our wood planks are ready for anything. Highly resistant to damage of any kind, up to 10x more than leading brands of laminate wood floors, timberCore™’s durability is measured in generations, not decades.