Install 25% Faster!

installation has never been so easy

Thanks to our breakthrough nuClick™ plank interlocking system, timberCore™ wood floor planks can be installed and reinstalled 25% faster than the rest! The result is a truly impeccable fit, seamless finish, with exceptional breathability and the capacity for endless removal and reinstallation.

The nuClick™ interlocking system is designed to firmly lock in every floor plank from every angle, easily and perfectly, the first time. The tabs are evenly spaced on all four sides for a tight fit that leaves no room for movement. Each plank slides perfectly into position by interlocking with its adjacent plank, resulting in a flawlessly aligned and completely solid platform.

Easy installation, every time

The nuClick™ interlocking system also completely eliminates the need for glue when installing your timberCore™ wood floors, resulting in an easier, faster installation experience – at least 25% faster than traditional laminate wood floors. No glue also means no visible subfloor imperfections so you’ll always achieve a level floor installation.

Plus, since timberCore™ wood floor planks are so easy to remove and reinstall without damage, you’ll save time and money on your renovation projects or repairing accidental damage to the area, as well as contributing a little less waste to our landfills.