100% Water-resistant Wood Floors

Because accidents happen

Spilled milk, water, coffee, juice, even wine? Relax! Every timberCore™ plank is fully embraced with our mBrace™ technology, ensuring 100% water-resistant protection against all moisture-related damage. Plus, ours is the only wood floor in the industry that can be removed after a flood and be reinstalled, easily and worry-free.

positive change

Our breakthrough injection-molded mBrace™ casings are made of a special poly-blend, formulated for the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility. Along with with nuClick™ technology, timberCore™ wood floor planks won’t overlap for a smooth, seamless finish.

Imbibition Rate

Thanks to their 100% water-resistant design, timberCore™ wood planks have an imbibition rate that beats the national standard, as well as all leading brands of laminate wood floors.
  • National Standard: 43%
  • Other Brands: 35%
  • timberCore™ Planks: 4%

Expert recommendation:

In the event of a flood, broken pipe, etc., unlock the wood floor planks and allow the planks and the area underneath to air-dry. The same planks can then be reinstalled in the same position with a fresh new underlayment.