We make every space a healthy one

timberCore™ wood planks are manufactured using natural, sustainable raw materials and 75% less formaldehyde for a greener, healthier personal environment.

Formaldehyde Content

Thanks to our industry-leading low formaldehyde emissions, you can count on our wood floors as the safest option for your home or commercial space.

What a breeze: efficient air exchange

timberCore™ wood planks are designed to enable efficient air exchange between planks, allowing moisture to escape back into the room to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, such as mold and mildew that would otherwise harm indoor air quality.

Thinking of installing timberCore™ on top of a radiant floor heating system? No problem! Our wood floors seamlessly allow heat to rise more efficiently for a faster and better-heated room, adding to the feelings of warmth and comfort our floors provide.

25% Faster Installation


With our innovative interlocking system, every installation is 25% faster than traditional laminate wood floors, saving you time and money every time you reuse your floors.


100% Water-Resistant


mBrace™ casings protect planks from water damage, such as warping, swelling and distortion, ensuring they are always reusable.