Benefits & Advantages
of Wood Floors


The natural warmth and comfort of real wood with timberCore™ wood flooring

Designed for foot-friendliness, easy care, installation, removal and reinstallation, timberCore™ wood floors are 100% water-resistant for protection against water damage, such as warping, distortion, expansion, contraction, etc. Our floors are 10x times more durable than other brands, resistant to static, slipping, fading, abrasions, stains and more. And because timberCore™ wood planks are manufactured using natural, sustainable raw materials, such as premium pressed poplar wood and 75% less formaldehyde than laminate wood floors, they are also eco-friendly.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are 100% water-resistant

timberCore™ floors are non-fading and retain shine over many years.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are flame resistant.

timberCore™ floors are rugged and highly resistant against load and impact.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are abrasion resistant.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are stain resistant.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are antistatic.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are Micro-Scratch resistant.

timberCore™ floors are produced with natural raw materials with 75% less formaldehyde.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are anti-slip.

timberCore™ floor surfaces are largely resistant against cigarette burns.

timberCore™ floors are well suited for sub-floor heating systems.

timberCore™ floors offer an efficient air exchange.

timberCore™ floors give a warm & comfortable underfoot feel.

timberCore™ floors are built with walking noise reduction

25% Faster Installation


With our innovative interlocking system, every installation is 25% faster than traditional laminate wood floors, saving you time and money every time you reuse your floors.


100% Water-Resistant


mBrace™ casings protect planks from water damage, such as warping, swelling and distortion, ensuring they are always reusable.